Immunisations are offered to you by the NHS throughout you life at various ages for a variety of vaccinations. For further information on the NHS immunisation programme please visit the NHS Choices website or click on the following link:

Childhood Immunisations

If your child is due a vaccination they will receive an appointment through the post from the Child Health Imms department. Our child immunisations clinics are held on Wednesday afternoons and are run by two Nurses who administer the vaccinations.

If you need to cancel your child's appointment you will find the number for Child Imms on the back of the appointment card they have sent to you.

If you choose not to vaccinate your child please click on the link below to understand the risks and responsibilities of this decision:

If you require further information you can contact the surgery on 01278 795445 and speak to one of our Reception team.

Flu Vaccinations

Our flu vaccination programme runs from September of each year until Spring of the following year. This is because the new vaccination is only made available to GP Practices in September.

The criteria for a free NHS flu vaccination is as follows:

  • Over 65 years old
  • Have heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Have had a stroke
  • A weak immune system
  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • If you are pregnant
  • A registered carer
  • Have respiratory disease such as asthma, COPD etc

If you are not eligible for a free flu vaccination on the NHS many of the local pharmacies provide private flu vaccinations appointments but there is a charge to you for these. For further information on private flu vaccinations please ask at your local pharmacy.

If you would like further information on flu vaccinations please visit the NHS Choices website


Anyone aged 70 can have the shingles vaccine on the NHS. You become eligible for the vaccine from the first day of September after your 70th birthday.

From September 1 2016, the shingles vaccine will be offered routinely to people aged 70 and, as a catch up, to those aged 78. You become eligible for the vaccine on the first day of September 2016 after you've turned 70 or 78.

In addition, anyone who was eligible for immunisation in the previous three years of the programme but missed out on their shingles vaccination remains eligible until their 80th birthday. This includes:

  • people aged 71, 72 and 73 on September 1 2016
  • people aged 79 on September 1 2016

Until August 31 2016, the shingles vaccine is still available to all those who were aged 70 or 78 on September 1 2015.

The shingles vaccine is not available on the NHS to anyone aged 80 and over because it seems to be less effective in this age group.

You can have the shingles vaccination at any time of year, though many people will find it convenient to have it at the same time as their annual flu vaccination.

If you are eligible for a shingles vaccination please contact the surgery on 01278 795445 to book your appointment.