Clinics We Offer

Antenatal Care

When you have confirmed that you are pregnant by doing a pregnancy test at home you please contact the Surgery through the usual number 01278 795445 and inform the Medical Receptionist. The Receptionist will then complete an antenatal form which will be passed on to the midwife. The midwife will then contact you by phone usually between 8 and 10 weeks of your pregnancy to arrange your antenatal care.

If you have any medical concerns that are unable to wait until the Midwife contacts you, please discuss these with the Medical Receptionist who will direct you to the relevant clinician/service.


We appreciate that for some of us work or life commitments can make it difficult to attend the practice for an appointment, but it is important that your Asthma be reviewed regularly to ensure your inhalers still suit your needs.

Our Patient Information Leaflet - Why should I have an Asthma Review? explains why it is essential that your Asthma is reviewed annually.

You can complete our Asthma questionnaire here

The review is a chance to check how you’re getting on with your asthma. You can discuss how to avoid any triggers that set off your asthma or concerns about side effects of your medicines.

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Blood Pressure

It is very important to know how well your medication is controlling your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is lowered to or below the "target" reading for you then your risk of stroke in later life is much reduced.

To know what your blood pressure is we will usually arrange for you to come to one of the nurse run blood pressure clinics - you will receive an appointment in the post, but these clinics do get very booked up. Appointments are usually made for every 6 months, but could be more frequent if your blood pressure control is poor. If you think you are more than 2 months overdue for a blood pressure check, please let us know.

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Cardiovascular Clinic

This clinic is for patients who have coronary heart disease (previous heart attack, heart bypass operations or angina). We will recall patients to attend this clinic if previously attended, however, if you suffer with the above and have never been seen by the CVD Nurse you can book an appointment for an assessment.

For further information on cardiovascular disease please click here.

Contraception & Family Planning 

We offer weekly appointments at the Practice for family planning and contraceptive advice, which you will need to contact the Surgery and book an appointment for. Our Family Planning Nurses are able to advise you on all methods of contraception and are able to issue prescriptions for the contraceptive pill or administer the depo injection.

Please note that we are unable to fit or remove coils (IUD) at the Practice. If you use a coil for contraceptive purposes please call: C&SH on 0300 123 2930 or visit the WISH clinic at WGH

Please speak to you doctor if you have a problem with a coil which has been fitted for a purpose other than contraception.

Nexplanon Contraceptive Implant

If you would like to have the implant fitted you will need to arrange an implant counselling session with the Family Planning Nurse and obtain a prescription, which you would take to a pharmacy for them to dispense and bring it to your Implant appointment to be fitted.

Diabetic Clinics

The diabetic clinic is run by two NVQ2-3 Health Care Assistants and Three Qualified Nurses. You will be invited annually to two appointments: a pre-diabetic clinic check and a diabetic review appointment. This system allows the diabetic nurse to have the time to concentrate on the main concerns you have with regards your diabetes or any concerns the nurse may have regarding your diabetes control. A mutually agreed self management care plan will be set up for you to work by to help you in achieving your goals.

For further advice on Diabetes please visit the NHS website:

Health Visiting Service - Highbridge & Burnham

Address: Highbridge Medical Centre, Pepperall Road, Highbridge, TA9 3YA

Telephone: 0300 790 6836

  • New Birth Visits: Following discharge by the Midwife by arrangements with the family.
  • Subsequent Visits: These are made according to individual family needs and requests. The Department of Health recommends that you have your baby weighed at: 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 1 Year, 2 Years. Your Health Visitor will advise if more frequent monitoring is required.

Minor Surgery

Here at Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre we do offer a minor operations clinics which is held by Dr Miell and Dr Boorman at our Berrow Surgery.

This is a limited services which patients must have seen a GP prior to being referred to have a minor operation done here at the Practice. Your GP may refer you for this if you have one of the following:

  • Painful ingrown toenail
  • Sebaceous cyst
  • Skin lesions where appropriate
  • Lumps and bumps depending on what they are.

The Practice does not provide minor operations for skin lesions and you must have been referred by your GP.

Pre Minop operations clinic

We also have some available appointments for patients to be seen by a GP if they have any lumps, skin lesions, moles etc. which they are concerned about. To book one of these appointments please contact the surgery in the normal way to arrange an appointment.

Stopping Smoking

Smokefreelife Somerset

The FREE stop smoking service serving and supporting Somerset residents to live up to their resolutions and pledge for a healthy and smokefree living

Smokefreelife Somerset strives to provide an excellent service to all the county’s residents. We welcome all feedback and you can send all comments to us in the following ways:

Phone: 01823 765006


In writing: FAO The Service Manager, C/o Exchange House, The Crescent, Taunton, Somerset