Configure Appointment Details


Our GPs have asked our Medical Receptionists to request details from our patients regarding the reason for the appointment so that they may make the appointment with the most appropriate member of our Health Care team. Please do not be offended when asked as this is part of their role and they are bound by strict confidentiality rules. They receive specific training in relation to respecting patient confidentiality.

We aim to provide enough appointments throughout the day to work with our current patient capacity and demand. This knowledge is based on audits of existing data from our internal recording systems. However, there will be days when there are unpredicted events which can cause problems and the demand may outweigh our capacity. We cannot safely offer an unlimited amount of appointments and it may be necessary to wait until the next routine appointment.

Home Visits

  • Please request a home visit before 10.30am, if possible, by phone 01278 795445. Listen to the options given to you then select the option for home visits.

Your request will be passed to a member of our Urgent Care Team (this will be a GP or a Primary Care Practitioner who are also known as PCP) who will contact you or the person you have nominated to discuss the home visit request. If after discussion it is decided that a visit the most appropriate course of action, one of the visiting healthcare professionals will visit that day. Most visits are performed between morning and afternoon surgeries.

If after discussion, the GP or PCP feels that more urgent attention is required you, your nominated person or the surgery may be instructed to call 999.

The increasing volume of traffic combined with a much wider area for our health care professionals to travel between patients can result in home visits taking a considerable length of time away from the Practice. With this in mind, to ensure that patients receive optimum care in a timely manner and to maximise our resources, we strongly encourage that you attend the practice whenever possible.

Please note that we do not routinely visit patients after discharge from hospital. If you have a problem and need a GP, then please contact the surgery to make the necessary arrangements.

Text Reminder Service

We have a texting service which allows you to receive confirmation and reminders about your appointments.

To have this service you will need to provide us with an up to date mobile telephone number.