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Treatment of Ear Wax

Burnham & Berrow Medical Centre can no longer offer ear syringing

This is a decision we have had to make after much debate. 

Unfortunately, we are not funded to provide ear syringing. 

As pressure on health care resources continually increase we must ensure we can continue to provide other services that we have a contractual duty to provide. 

Wax can usually be cleared by putting 2-3 drops of ordinary olive oil into the ear 3 times a day for 3 weeks (Do not use cotton wool as it only soaks up)

The wax will soften and then it will run out of its own accord.  You can continue for any length of time but 3 weeks is usually enough.  Surprisingly the wax will often come out unnoticed.

If after 3 weeks or more, you are still deaf from wax you can make an appointment to see the nurse to decide if a referral for intervention is needed.

If you know you have a wax problem causing deafness and that your ear is healthy you can start the treatment yourself.  We recommend olive oil only.  We do not recommend specially formulated preparations that can be purchased which are not olive oil.  This is because they can irritate health ears.

If you are deaf and you don’t know why, you can arrange to an appointment with a member of our healthcare team by contacting us on our usual telephone number.  If we find wax is the cause we will advise the olive oil treatment for a minimum of three weeks.

If you have frequent build ups of wax you can keep your ear clear by using olive oil two or three times a week on a continual basis.

If have, or suspect you have any ear problem other than wax you should NOT put anything down the ear except after medical advice. 

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